Charles Guy Stidham III
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Business Description: Mortgage of Texas & Financial LLC Mortgage of Texas & Financial LLC was formed in 2011 as a full service residential and small commercial mortgage brokerage company with an emphasis on service, knowledge, and accuracy. The mortgage debacle of 2007 was avoidable yet we are all paying the consequences right now in one fashion or another. Now, more than ever, Texans need to realize the importance of a true mortgage partner and how that relationship will impact their retirement.

My mission is to serve and advise Seniors I will listen to your needs and help you choose the loan that will suit you in your financial situation best. You can be sure I will answer your questions in the way you understand your options.

I completed my master's degree at the University of Texas at San Antonio in Public Policy with an emphasis on statistics, finance and the interaction between government and the private sector pertinent to housing.

Being a full-time Mortgage Broker and Mortgage Banker since June 1, 1995. If someone knows more than me when it comes to a mortgage loan, give me three minutes and check back and see if I passed them. Bottom line: I like my chances against any competition in the mortgage business when it comes to knowledge, service, rates, and fees. And no one, no one will out work me.

Product/Service: Mortgage of Texas & Financial LLC provides financing services, with core focus on reverse mortgage loans. We have a diverse product mix, an innovative online mortgage lending platform, and a staff of seasoned professionals. We provide a low cost, single source solution for reverse mortgage loans. Essentially our services give you the freedom to access equity that exists in your home. You are free to use this money, in any way you wish.

Mortgage of Texas & Financial LLC's Loan Processing program ensures clear communication. We specialize in providing you with the opportunity to unlock equity you've worked hard to build in your home and enhance your lifestyle for years to come.

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Mortgage of Texas & Financial LLC
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Charles Guy Stidham III

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