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We are the premier Reverse Mortgage company in Texas. We specialize in providing all available types of Reverse Mortgage loans and pride ourselves on a quick close. While traditional lenders could take months to close, we can complete the process in a couple of weeks, sometimes days. This offers you the opportunity to start enjoying life with no house payment and money in the bank sooner than later.

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Government Regulated Program, Tax-Free Disbursements, No Monthly Payments

Did You Know?

  • All reverse mortgages require no repayment while you are alive and are living in the home.
  • The borrower or heir has up to 12 months after they leave the home to repay either by selling the home or refinancing with a forward mortgage.
  • You remain the owner and retain title to your home.

Reverse Mortgage Help When

  • Income from retirement funds, savings and social security benefits don't cover your expenses or you want to supplement your medicare.
  • Need financial freedom to enjoy your retirement years.
  • Eliminate your current home loan payment.